What's Inspected

You are hiring a boise home Inspector to evaluate your property or property you are considering purchasing.  You are hiring an experienced professional. It is the job of the inspector to not only evaluate the condition of the house’s major systems and structural integrity, but also to evaluate how these systems are working together and identify areas that need to be watched, repaired or replaced.


Commonly a list of all the systems in the house are listed when you ask what will be inspected.  We like to state it like this.  We are looking for safety items, financial concerns and general maintenance.

Safety: This could include any primary or secondary system which when not working improperly will create an unsafe or potentially unsafe circumstance in the home.  When explaining this we often talk about another industry – the automotive industry.  Your car should have airbags.  Hopefully you will never have to use them but you want them to work correctly if necessary.  There are many secondary systems in your home.  Hopefully you will never need them.  Often previous owners will say “we lived here for years and have never had any trouble….”.  This could and probably is true.  Just like the airbag – you’ve never had any trouble because you never needed it.  But if the primary system fails it is important for the secondary system to work properly.

Financial: These are items in the home which could or will be a financial concern in the near future.  Commonly these are HVAC systems or roofs.  These are things which you will want to know about when making an over on a home or preparing to safe for future repairs.  It’s helpful to know when an expensive repair could be coming.

Maintenance: All homes have smaller things which need to be maintained, repaired or replaced.  We often compare these to bunnies, they are fairly harmless and always around.  All homes are in a constant state of maintenance and repair.  This is part of home ownership.  There are no perfect homes but homes that are well maintained are more cost efficient and offer less surprises.

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