Possible Sewage Disaster

A few months ago I did a home inspection on a new construction home in Meridian. The home had several issues that needed to be addressed. But one in particular stood out.

The last five feet of the main sewer line was found to not be hooked up to the city sewer line. With this section missing, all of the water from the TOILETS, TUBS, SHOWERS AND SINKS would have drained directly into the crawl space of the home.

If the home buyers opted out of getting an home inspection, one can only imagine the expenses, the damages and the living conditions this would have presented. If it were discovered within the "One Year Home Warranty", this expense would be the responsibility of the builder, if this were not noticed until after the builders warranty was up, the owner would be stuck with the bill.

So when the client doesn't want a home inspection because it is new, you can tell them about this.

Submitted by DavinStrand on Mon, 04/06/2009 - 15:45.
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